“You can’t be timid when you confront the talent.”

An NBA scout gave me this bold reminder that I know would help the Church if we took it to heart. 

“But that guy was the college dunk champion.”
“But that guy is the number one recruit in the country.”
“But that guy led the European league in scoring.”


He said preparation and teachability are the biggest indicators of future success and therefore what he looks for the most. He’ll research players exhaustively, finding the details of their workout regimen, their diet, and how they treat their mother at church. Literally. 
Then he’ll ask the player the same thing. 
And if the discrepancy – and more importantly, the motive behind the discrepancy – is large enough, he may end their NBA hopes right there.

Yes, he will. Not the coach. Not the GM. Not ESPN.
He will.

Or for us church leaders … Not the Campus Pastor. Not the Lead Pastor. Not the person above you. But you should. 

His job isn’t to just see the talent. Remember anyone can do that. His job is to see the patterns of future success and the cracks in the foundation that will bring the future success down. 
And when he finds cracks, he can’t be timid confronting all that talent. 

Who sucks the life out of your team but is “the only guitar player we have”? 
Who hates life but “is one of our biggest givers”?
Who is an absolute drain on your team because they have talent but no solutions but “they’ve been with the church for 40 years”?

Confront it. 
Call them higher … or send them home. 

Because you don’t win championships without confrontation.