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When we began our relationship with SWebb, our church was plateaued and we were in need of a professional ministry makeover. We thought we were bringing in a typical consultant. What we got was a highly motivated personal coach …

Nathan Blackwell
Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Family Church

Stephen is knowledgeable about staffing and systems as well as moving people and teams towards the mission. We worked together for three months focusing on staff culture and structure. Just the ability to process and think through things with Stephen has helped tremendously. He’s simple and easy to work with. And…the voice memos make like smooth.

Carl Nichols
Lead Pastor, Relevant Church

I have known Swebb for 7+ years now and the thing I love about working with him is his candid approach to finding effectiveness as a church staff. I can count on him for a zero drama, zero fluff, zero emotionally charged answer to the questions that matter. Use Swebb and tighten up your seat belt before you do!

Shawn Wood
Lead Pastor, Freedom Church

Stephen Webb is a beast! That’s Swebb to you. Between his ridiculously dialed in instincts and his extensive experience in elite ministry environments, his engagement with your ministry is sure to yield exponential results for years to come. Give him a shout…within minutes you’ll see and hear just what I mean.

Chris Brown
Former Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, Pastor, Speaker, Author

Swebb has been a catalyst to our team and organization reaching new potential. His insight and even more, his unwavering honesty, brought out the necessary conversations that lead to fruitful change…

Vernon Gordon III
Lead Pastor, The Life Church

Swebb has taught me so much about leadership, more than any book or conference ever could. His example of how he leads from the top, the middle, the bottom, how he leads his family, and how he leads himself, how he invests in top-dogs and under-dogs alike, and is genuinely grateful to do it, is rarer than it should be…

Louie Vitela
Executive Pastor, NewLife Church

With a long track record of paying attention to the potential in each person he crosses paths with, Stephen embodies the value “belief in people.” Without asking for a persons present title, influence, or reach, he always creates space…

Simon Holst
Lead Pastor, Skövde Pingst

I have found that Swebb’s ability to “cut to the chase” without coming into a situation out of lock-step with the leadership is a quality I find rare and quite refreshing. Swebb has helped my church face challenges with a fresh perspective and a history of successful leadership to back up his recommendations…

Kyle Heinecke
Director of CPs, Fresh Life Church

If you remember the show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”, then you remember one of the lifelines you could use was to phone a friend. I feel like this has been my relationship with Swebb for the last decade. We planted a church in Texas …

Chris Reid
Lead Pastor, Motion Church

One of the skills Swebb has is to inspire. He gets you thinking in new ways and seeing from different angles. He is like a leadership and systems lock-pick. It’s like he is somehow able to unlock a part of your brain that’s there but you didn’t have access to…

Chris Duncan
Lead Pastor / Missionary, IC Medan