So often we ask for God’s presence when He’s been asking for ours all along. He’s present.
Worship awakens your soul to the wonder that’s already around you and available to you.

But carry this concept of “present” further … 
How do you maintain the drive to be better while staying content?

The next best thing in the future will be born out of something you’re doing now. So be active, diligent, and excellent in the present. Know where you’re going but work like crazy now.

  • Schedule your contentment. Take time to look back and see where you’ve come from. And use that to push you forward. Looking back can show your progress but leaders know they’re not done yet. Keep going.
  • Stack your days. Don’t look for a big break. Realize there’s big power in the small rhythms. One day of sit-ups doesn’t lose your gut. But 180 days of boring, timely, consistent breakfast does. Stack your days.
  • Celebrate your progress along the way. God didn’t wait until the 7th day to say “it was good.” He partied everyday after a good amount of work. It was good. It was good. It was good. It was good. It was good. It was good. 

Be present. 
Celebrate where you are.
Be able to identify where you are – what season, what pace, what needs, what you’re learning, what you’re building for, etc…. 

Leaders don’t just shout about potential dreams of the future.
They’re master-stewards of the present.