“Creativity is a function of focus.”
A friend said this to me the other day.
I agree.
For years at Elevation we said it this way:
“We think inside the box … knowing our greatest innovation will come from acknowledging and leveraging our limitations.
The term “Creatives” has gotten out of hand in recent years. “The creatives are lazy, too sensitive, and feelers.” Or “Creatives are hard to lead.” Or even the politically correct“Creatives are a unique bunch.”
I don’t know that I fit into many of those categories but I’d scream from the mountains that I’m pretty dang creative.
A similar misdefined example is how many assume creativity is a product of chaos or carefree dreaming.
To an extent we need to free ourselves from certain constraints of assumption and bureaucracy when we’re creating. But that too requires focus, discipline, and intentionality.
Maybe consider a different flow when creating something … truly creating from relative nothingness:
  1. Let your mind wander. Dream. Clear distractions from around you. Put the phone in another room, not just on silent. And just stare into space.
  2. Capture the thoughts from the God-sent inspiration. Write them down. Immediately. Chase that thought to its end, even still dreaming beyond what you think its limitations are. Write that progression down too.
  3. Do something measurable or tangible to build on those thoughts you captured in the dream. Do that within the hour. Outline the message. Draw the design. Record the tune. Write the chapter. Make the shopping list. Whatever it is, physically and literally start to do something with what you dreamed up.
That is creating. And that requires focus.
Don’t confuse dreaming with creating.
Do you have a dream and need to bring it to life? Call me!