Stephen Webb


What I've Seen and Where I've Built

Coaching Church Leaders Worldwide – For 15 years I’ve coached leaders and church staff. This isn’t fluffy life coaching stuff (that’s fine, just not me) and not “Here’s the prescription to success” stuff (also fine, just not me). I coach a little-used thing more people outsource: thinking. I have a long history of building successful and sustainable ministries, leaders, and teams through people.

Setup a call, let’s build something substantial, sustainable, and fun. It won’t be generic conference content or a counseling session, we’ll actually produce movement.

Currently – I serve as the Executive Pastor of Victory City Church in Austin. My family moved in 2021 back home to Texas. This is a great church in which I lead and it serves as a good base for coaching and encouraging church leaders worldwide each week.

How did we do that at Elevation?

*** A vast majority of the questions I get are about Elevation (or can be tracked back to something they do/did that stirs interest or intrigue). My goal is not to make everyone like Elevation (or like anyone in particular). But I’m happy to discuss and teach from my decade there. I also have plenty of experience in the 30 years of life prior to joining the Elevation crew. And am still very connected to the team there. So this list is just a quick list to cut to the chase on what has proven to be a strong source of questions.


Elevation Church with Pastor Steven Furtick – For the majority of a decade I served to expand Elevation beyond Charlotte, overseeing the overall strategy for launching 11 locations beyond Charlotte – from Toronto to Orlando. The titles varied based on the project but ultimately I was tasked to either build new things or fix broken things throughout my time at Elevation.

Expansion – Dreaming about multisite? Starting it? Struggling with making it work? Want to know how to pay for it? Staff it? And do it better than the other “experts” with one big show and a bunch of little “campuses” struggling to pay for themselves? Oh man, let me help. Nearly anything related to growing and multiplying your church, I can speak into.

I’ve seen it everywhere and led teams to do it well. And still do calls and coaching for some of the biggest names on the buildings you go to conferences to learn from.

Leader/Staff Development – Want to know how we cranked out 20 campuses full of leaders? And at a quicker pace with sustainability and longevity and talent? I can help. I was on the team who built the apprentice program.

Watch Parties – Want to know how to build something scalable and sustainable worldwide? I can help. I built the extension and expansion processes to take Elevation beyond Charlotte before Elevation Online was a thing. And yep, what Elevation Online is and does today is entirely possible and largely still resembles what we designed 10 years ago. I can show you how I did it.

Social Media – Crazy to think but Elevation did not have a social media staff until 2016. Until then (and with over 15,000 attending and a worldwide connection) a few of us ran point … until I was asked to build and lead the TV ministry alongside Steven Furtick Ministries and we built an actual system to scale to millions of followers on multiple platforms. I can show you how.

Campus Renovation – Yep, culture and teams need renovation too, BTW. Want to know how to renovate a culture, staff, and building at the same time and move 1600 people from permanent to portable? I can help. I was on the team at the headquarters campus as we did just that.

Want to know anything else from the inside of those big churches you admire or are just curious about? Hit me up.

Church journeys before Elevation

The Reaction – I served as the lead catalyst for an endeavor from 2008-2010 to plant a church in downtown Denver, CO with some friends.

Westchester Church – I served first as the Youth Pastor and then as the Executive Pastor of this church in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas 2002-2009.

I’m an open book. I can provide additional references and additional details to many other projects I oversaw at Elevation. And of course further employment history upon request.

The Other Things

  • I enjoy talking leadership and solving problems.
  • Licensed Pilot (IFR SEL)
  • Allergic to cliches and indecision.
  • I shoot mid-80’s on a good day.
  • Originally a Dallas Cowboys fan but have to be flexible these days.
  • I don’t have a calling to preach or be the #1.
  • I’m an 8 … that’s what all the 1’s tell me.