Stephen Webb


Where I Spent The Last 10 Years

Elevation Church with Pastor Steven Furtick – For the majority of the decade I served to expand Elevation Church beyond Charlotte, overseeing the overall strategy for launching 11 locations. The titles varied based on the project but ultimately I was tasked to either build new things or fix broken things throughout my time at Elevation. 

  • Connections Pastor, Orlando 2020
  • Expansion Pastor, Charlotte 2016-2019
  • Associate Campus Pastor, Charlotte 2016
  • Director of TV Ministry, Charlotte 2015
  • Extension Director, Charlotte 2011-2016

Some fun projects I also got to work on at Elevation:

Apprenticeship – Soon after Extension exploded beyond expectation, I got to play an integral part in creating the apprentice program (Prodigy then 2K2) that we needed to staff the exponential growth we were seeing. That program has developed 100+ leaders and brought us dozens of excellent staff from around the world, many of whom lead at the highest levels of the church.

Campus Renovation – Not just the building but also the culture and staff needed some work at our headquarters location. I served as part of one of the best teams I’ve ever been on and we over-delivered on what was expected of us.

Watch Parties – They’re quite the trend now but in 2011 they were seen as a liability and distraction. While that wasn’t what we called them back then, these parties/small groups are what grew into 11 campuses outside Charlotte and were the inspiration and model for what thousands leverage everyday through the Elevation Online community worldwide.

Social Media – During the TV Ministry days I got to be there on day one of building what would be the social media processes and structure millions see today across multiple channels – Steven Furtick Ministries, Elevation Worship, and Elevation Church.

Church journeys before Elevation

The Reaction – I served as the lead catalyst for an endeavor from 2008-2010 to plant a church in downtown Denver, CO with some friends.

Westchester Church – I served first as the Youth Pastor and then as the Executive Pastor of this church in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas 2002-2009.

I’m an open book. I can provide additional references and additional details to many other projects I oversaw at Elevation. And of course further employment history upon request.

The Other Things

  • I enjoy talking leadership and solving problems.
  • Licensed Pilot (IFR SEL)
  • Allergic to cliches and indecision.
  • I shoot mid-80’s on a good day.
  • Originally a Dallas Cowboys fan but have to be flexible these days.
  • I don’t have a calling to preach or be the #1.
  • I’m an 8 … that’s what all the 1’s tell me.