Carl NicholsLead Pastor - Relevant Church

Stephen is knowledgeable about staffing and systems as well as moving people and teams towards the mission. We worked together for three months focusing on staff culture and structure. Just the ability to process and think through things with Stephen has helped tremendously. He’s simple and easy to work with. And…the voice memos make like smooth.

Shawn WoodLead Pastor - Freedom Church

I have known Swebb for 7+ years now and the thing I love about working with him is his candid approach to finding effectiveness as a church staff. I can count on him for a zero drama, zero fluff, zero emotionally charged answer to the questions that matter. Use Swebb and tighten up your seat belt before you do!

Marcio PachecoLead Pastor - The Crossings Church

Stephen Webb’s knowledge and wisdom on how to make organizations thrive and become essential within their sphere of influence, is truly a God given gift.

He has the patience to listen to people’s heart and desires and the grace to walk alongside people to ensure actions that are being implemented lead to success.

Each organization that request his consulting service, he goes over and beyond what is required because he genuinely cares about people’s success.

He has the passion to see organizations succeed beyond what they are capable of and that passion also gives him the energy to continually empower people to not settle for simply being “good” but that should desire and determine to be great.

John Mark CreamerOperations Pastor - Fresh Life Church

I met Swebb when our Campus Pastors went to Inside Elevation in 2015. Swebb hosted us during our time there, and within minutes of his first interactions with us, I found myself wanting to immediately apply nearly everything he said.

In the months that followed, we maintained regular contact to discuss different ways to serve our churches better (but mostly just me asking him how they approach and tackle different things). Whether through text messages, voice memos, or hourlong phone calls, Swebb was always generous with his time and experience.

In time we developed a level of trust that enabled honest and challenging questions, always with the goal of adding value. I have also known and seen dozens of others, both inside and outside my organization, relay the value of their interactions with Swebb.

This is the consistent thread through those 5+ years — interactions with Swebb added value to me and to my organization, from the first few minutes of knowing each other, to the years-long relationship that followed. The return on investment of time spent with Swebb is immediate, but it also continues to add value in the long term.

Dustin StradleyCentral Florida Pastor - Elevation Church

Swebb and I worked together for nearly 8 years. He was my supervisor for 6 while developing me to eventually become his supervisor. He always focused on elevating others to greater influence and responsibility. He gave me access to his thought process, gave me opportunities to travel around the world with him as we immersed ourselves into learning from other cultures, and focused strategically on setting me up to succeed. Providing perspective, strategy, ideas to be more efficient and effective, are just a few of his strengths. Highly recommend you hire Stephen to consult for your team or business!

Andy HopperTeam Leader - Hillsong Leadership Network

Stephen knows exactly who he is and refreshingly doesn’t spend any energy trying to be someone he’s not, and this is extremely valuable as he brings this level of clarity into his mentoring. Often pastors and churches are so confused by the available options and strategies that they lack a clear sense of direction, but Stephen’s insights distill what is most important for leaders to understand, what to let go of, and what produces results. Swebb is one of the first leaders I look to around the world for a fresh perspective and to sharpen my thinking.

Taylor ShytleCommunity Pastor - Elevation Church

I remember I was told I had nine months to launch an Elevation location, “now go do it.” To say I was petrified and feeling unqualified was an understatement. I immediately inquired of Swebb for his knowledge. We would sit at Starbucks every single week where he would walk me through on everything I needed to do to plant a church. He gave me step by step, literally everything I needed to do: how to build a launch team, what to teach them, how to market for a grand opening, how to look for a location, and how to transfer my passion into strategy. We had an incredible launch and I will never forget those table talks where I was scared to death.

Not to mention he was my supervisor for two years where he constantly helped me create in ways I never knew were possible. Stephen has a way of seeing it from a different perspective to help you see it a different level. It brings out your creativity by his multilayered thinking.

Brandon BowersLead Pastor - Awaken Church

Swebb has an innate ability to cultivate relationships, create healthy friction and press into people in order to make things better. In the times he has worked with our team at Awaken Church, that would be the descriptor I feel best fits Stephen…better. Everything he touches gets better.

With years of experience in building and developing leaders that change the world, Swebb is now positioned to leverage his learning to advance the mission of any church, any business or any organization that truly wants to grow. Will it take work? Yes. Will it be hard? Probably. But what I appreciate most about Stephen is that he is committed to get in the trench with you to do the work necessary to see the changes take place. Some call it coaching and others call it consulting. I call what Stephen does commitment. Attach whatever label you want but truth is, he’s committed to helping you and your team get…better.

Dr. Zeb HundleyExecutive Pastor - Hope Church

Stephen is the real deal. Real strategy that works in the real world combined with the kind of no-bull candor that comes with real experience, Stephen is a breath of fresh air that will breathe life into your teams and help bring your vision to reality. Highly recommended!

Keith WallerPastor - New Life Church

Swebb is the one who will say and show you what you need to hear. I’ve never met anyone who can give you their opinion, insight, examples, and historical info on a specific matter, and then be able to help you walk through what it looks like to be applied to your situation. He is always looking to how to leverage, adjust or parlay what has worked in the past, into what will work in the ever changing future of ministry and leadership.

Brittany WhitmireRealtor - Columbia, SC

I worked with Swebb for almost two years launching the Columbia Campus of Elevation Church. He is a brilliant leader, team builder, and master encourager. My husband and I run a real estate business and we not only grew in our faith under Stephen’s leadership but we learned so many things from him that we could apply to grow our business. There is no one we would rather have in our corner growing a team, business, or church than Stephen!

Kyle WaidAssociate Pastor - 7 Hills Church

Swebb is the kind of guy that forces you to think BIG. There have been many times that I’ve called him for church strategy, staffing structure, etc,. Every time I get off the phone I feel clear, focused, and FULL of vision. His foresight and critical thinking is extraordinary. On top of all this, he’s an amazing human being. I’m extremely thankful for the time and expertise he’s provided over the years!

Petr BuzyanPastor - Elevation Church Orlando

Swebb fights for you! If you say you want to do something, he takes it personal and challenges you (something people forget is needed to get better) so that you can achieve it! His dream is embedded in seeing others succeed without his name attached to it! I have known Stephen for 8 years and I can say that when he told me to quit my job at a law firm I was working to step into full time vocational ministry, he saw something in me that he fought up to the point that I became his boss! Like I said he is there to fight for you and see you succeed to be the best you can be, even if you become his boss at one point! 😉 He is loyal, a good friend, funny, knowledgeable, an amazing dad, and great husband! You will become better, your business will become better, your church will become better, or whatever venture you may have, if you let him challenge you!

Brandon PettyLead Pastor - Generation Church

Swebb is one of a kind! I’ve been privileged enough to learn from him in ministry, leadership, and personal growth. He doesn’t practice what he preaches, he preaches what he practices! My staff has grown exponentially, I’VE grown exponentially, and he’s helped us get healthy. Not just organizationally, or not even just spiritually; but physically as well. Our staff has lost over 200 pounds altogether, started consistent, healthy eating habits, and going to the gym or exercising. Stephen is one of those leaders that either makes you mad, or makes you better…and sometimes both at the same time. You’ll want to run through a brick wall for him and you’ll want to question yourself for why you waited so long to get someone like him in your life. You will NOT regret asking him for coaching and consulting!

Jonathan MoynihanTeaching Pastor - Mosaic Christian Church

Stephen gave me hours of his time and tons of wisdom when I was just a 26-year-old, newly-hired kid at a church of about 350. I was a nobody—I didn’t have anything to offer him, and yet, he made himself fully available and did not withhold any of his brilliance, access, or wisdom because he’s a coach who believes in the underdog and the overlooked. Flash forward to today, our church has been on the Outreach 100 each of the last two years, but Swebb remains the same—pushing me toward grit, creativity, and reliance on God instead of whatever the current church trend is. I am indebted to his friendship and his strategic thinking, and our church in Baltimore is significantly more effective for the Kingdom because he’s in my life. Stephen doesn’t always tell you want you want to hear, but it is what is needed to see Christ’s church flourish in this increasingly post-modern and post-Christian world. Couldn’t recommend him more to my fellow Kingdom builders!

Eric MorrisLead Pastor - Victory City Church

Stephen brings direct and constructive insight into your teams culture, structure, and general effectiveness. He asks challenging questions that help you evaluate your reason for maintaining a staff role, church program, or general ministry direction. He will help you become more consistent in what you do and more selective in what you add. He has help our team begin to think bigger, but not grandiose. He does this by forcing you to think inside the box and become more innovative there. If you prefer someone who shoots straight without the flowery talk Stephen is your person. He doesn’t waste your time or money, but just helps you get better. I would recommend as Swebb to any organization that wants to become more effective and grow in healthy behaviors not just shop talk.

Forrest ColemanChurch Planter - Multiply Church

Meeting Stephen Webb has been a game changer for my life and ministry. Over the last three years Stephen has been a constant encouragement through the generosity of his time, wisdom and care. I met Stephen when I was a Campus Pastor at a multi-site church and his insight on all things multi-site, church growth and leadership made all the difference. Now as I embark on the mission of planting a new church, Stephen has pulled from his wealth of past experience to help me build a plan for the future.

Though he knows so much about leadership, building leaders, and deploying teams, I am always most challenged by how he wants to emulate the methodology of Jesus in our modern times. People investing and building people, also known as making disciples, has been his focus for years and he has had great success, myself included.

I’m forever grateful for the investment Stephen has made into me, and for the impact his friendship has had on my life and ministry.

Jake PackettDigital Marketing Specialist - Charlotte, NC

Stephen Webb changed my life. He reminded me that church is the bride of Christ first, and exists to bring glory to God and to be a tool bring others into awareness of God’s grace. I’ll never forget the first walk I took with him at Elevation. I was star struck and in awe of everything at the church. But it was when I walked over a piece of trash and he challenged me and lifted my perception in a way I’ll never forget.

He was the first at Elevation to take a vested interest in me. He was the first to believe in me for who I was. He was the one that made me as passionate about Jesus and the Gospel as I am today. I owe much of my relationship with Christ to my “Spiritual Dad” in Stephen. He never pulls punches, he never softens his ideas for the masses. He will directly, and confidently call out the best in people and point them to how we can give God the glory he deserves via the local church.

His resume speaks for itself as far as his effectiveness, but I and countless others have been deeply impacted by this man. I love him, I’m eternally grateful for him. The one and only, “The Stephen”.

Jeremy WoodsLead Pastor - Coastway Church

When it comes to friendship: SWebb is that friend who always follows through.

When it comes to leadership: SWebb is that leader who can actually connect the dots.

When it comes to generosity: SWebb is that steward who puts his money where his mouth is.

When it comes to encouragement: SWebb is that encourager who you wish could just follow you around.

When it comes to church practice: SWebb is that mind who has already thought through the road blocks.

SWebb is uniquely gifted at untangling the knots that most of us can’t seem to loosen. Give him a call. You’ll be glad you did and so will your budget.

Jenny VinzantOffice Manager - The Wellness Way

Connector. Encourager. Noticer. A short three month stay in Charlotte introduced my family to Stephen Webb. Though our stay was brief, we’ve remained in contact with Stephen a decade later. It’s obvious that people matter to Stephen — not only does he remain connected to people across the country, he is on the forefront of cheering them on, imparts timely insights, and never hesitates with a timely shout out. Everyone needs a Stephen, but because they’re a rare breed, you definitely want to know or work with him personally.

Chris GwinnBroadcast Campus Pastor - Fresh Life Church

I’ve known Swebb for a few years now and can honestly say, there are few voices I trust more than his. In a world of quick fixes and over-promising, I can be confident that he will never over-complicate what’s simple, or over-simplify what’s complicated. He is honest (even when it’s uncomfortable). He is consistent (even when change is sexier). He is wise (even when you think you know better). I’m grateful beyond measure for the investment Swebb has made in me and, in doing so, the investment he’s made in my church. I believe God will use this man to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed, and the Kingdom will grow because of it.

Steve AbrahamLead Pastor - New Life Church

We flew Swebb out in to meet with our staff/team for 2 days of coaching/teaching. Our entire team were beyond blessed with Swebb’s attitude, knowledge, humility and the content of his training. Here we are two years removed from his initial visit and our team still continues to reference the information he taught us both in private conversations and team meetings. I would highly recommend Swebb as a coach/consultant and fully endorse him to your team and organization.

Justin GastonSenior Pastor - Presence Church

Our church had Stephen come in for some culture consultation. He helped us improve our churches culture and he helped us develop attainable goals. He continues to serve as a well of wisdom for the local church. He post things on his social media that are so rich in wisdom and the wildest part is that he freely pours out so much of this wisdom. I’ve learned more from Stephen than I have from many conferences that we’ve paid thousands of dollars on. You get Stephen, you get a well!

Scott MathewsCampus Pastor - The Fellowship of Two Rivers

I’ve known Stephen a long time. His insight, wisdom, and ability to speak truth is unmatched. I have been a benefactor of his creativity and watched from afar as he makes churches, teams, and leaders better. You need someone to give you an honest assessment, he’s your guy. You need some creative ideas to make it to the next level, he’s your guy. You just need someone to say things you can’t…yep, he’s your guy.

Austin ColemanLead Pastor - Heart and Soul Church

We brought SWebb in one weekend to evaluate our Experience, Teams, Culture, and Leaders. He not only gave us extraordinary advice in regards to practical and tactical changes; but he also took our leaders to a whole new level.

He taught and did Q and A with our Leaders, then again with our Leaders and Volunteers. Each week since he left our Team Leaders and Coordinators have taken the initiative to implement and enforce the new leadership paradigms that he brought to the table. There is a palpable electricity among our Teams and Leaders since he left.

We truly believe we are 3 years further ahead of where we were after only one weekend – all because of SWebb’s investment. Bringing SWebb in will be a repeat offense for us and our Teams!

Chad CooperPastor - Elevation Church Melbourne

I would not be where I am today without this man. He is commonly known as a CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) and CPO (Chief Perspective Officer). And it has been his mentorship and leadership over the past 5 years that helped me transition from a police officer to a pastor and pioneer of building a church. As any great coach or leader, while you will grow to become great friends, first and foremost he is there to pull out the potential in you and what you are building. He will say the things others are thinking but not willing to address. He will help you see things you aren’t seeing and give you focus for the things that really matter. Whether building a business, a church, or any other organization, I promise you that you be better after spending time with Swebb!

Shaun BlakeneySenior Pastor - Anchor Church

Stephen is TOP NOTCH. Nope…he didn’t pay me to say this…IT’S JUST TRUE. I have known Stephen for years. He’s the first guy I always call for church wisdom, ministry insights, fresh processes, and honoring truth. Stephen see’s things that others don’t see. Stephen is hard working, authentic, and humble. If you’re stuck in a process, growth, or staffing…reach out to Stephen. I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

Ben KlockSenior Campus & Operations Director - Lifepoint Church

I have known Stephen for years and we’ve collaborated together many times. I have learned a lot from our relationship and also from the results that his teams have produced over the years. He is always my first call when I need to learn or innovate.

Ken HesterExecutive Pastor - Crossroads Fellowship

Swebb has been a regular encourager and friend for a decade. From the first time we met, I knew his desire was to move the gospel forward in every way possible. I came to learn that would mean mostly in unconventional ways. Most of us would say we need a person or coach who will push us, not coddle us. Swebb will shoot you straight. It might not always feel good, but he will ask the questions that will help you get the best results.

Mark DanielLead Pastor - Focal Point Church

We worked with Swebb to get an online campus up and running on 2020. We had little to no experience in this and needed to be coached through the whole process. We found Swebb to be hard working with our team. He was available to all of them and they were continually reaching out to him. He was very prompt in responding. They were constantly making appointments with him and he was pouring into their work.

Swebb was also very knowledgeable. He had a great deal of insight on how to get a good product with an online campus. He got our campus pastor on a fast track to success. He guided us so that we did not have to learn lessons the hard way.

I found that Swebb was very generous with him time and knowledge so much so that our team started reaching out to him on other areas in leadership, team development, scorecards, social media, finances, and so on. We were blessed with our time with him. We will be using him again as the need arises.

Chris ReidLead Pastor - Motion Church

If you remember the show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”, then you remember one of the lifelines you could use was to phone a friend. I feel like this has been my relationship with Swebb for the last decade. We planted a church in Texas back in 2011 and connected during that time. Over the years any time we had a big decision to make or needed objective council on how to deal with a situation, I would call or text my friend a few states over. The insight, passion and pastoral care for us personally has been invaluable. His genuine love for people and the church are extremely apparent and evident, and I am thankful to have benefited from that through the years. Our church is better for it, and, as a pastor, I believe I am better for it.

Jake NicoleBusiness Owner -

Swebb is a powerhouse for the gospel. Not because he treasures fancy ideas or his own input, but because he is one of the best relationship builders I have ever met. When I think about the kind of people Jesus would have wanted in His corner, I think of people like Stephen Webb. It could be because he’s tenacious and passionate but it’s probably because he’s hungry to learn and humble. For the person considering hiring Stephen Webb in any capacity, the most important consideration I would have is – how many people on my team can I get Swebb in front of? He will influence how you approach growth and spread the gospel with zeal, strategy and integrity. You will be grateful you moved before someone else discovers the capacity he opens up for their team.

Josh CrawfordCreative Pastor - Overflow Church

Swebb is the reason I am still in ministry. He’s the most intentional person I have ever met. He challenges my way of thinking and provides me with the insight to think in a new way. He’s dramatically changed my direction and I owe most of what I have accomplished to the deposits he’s made in my life. He’s smart, gritty, and unashamed of what God has given him. I could go on for a long time, but it’s simple: Swebb can give you what few people can offer, and that is true wisdom.

Vincent TanLead Pastor - Activation Church

It has been a passion for Pastor Stephen Webb (Swebb) to help every aspiring leader in reproducing leadership principles effectively and authentically in every area of their lives. He has studied the process, practiced it, and taught it to many. He offers a compass for leadership and generously goes all out to pave the way for the next generation.

During his visit to Malaysia, my team and I had the privilege of receiving his guidance on the importance of a clear vision, consistent values, and communicating heart & culture. These principles have not only been tried but are now applied by the leaders of Activation Church. Packed with tremendous insight and candor, Swebb brings us back to focus on the fundamentals of living out our purpose as leaders of today’s generation.

Preston StackPastor - Elevation Church Raleigh

Stephen Webb is an incredible problem solver who thinks about every possible direction/scenario before sharing his perspective. The secret sauce of Swebb is his ability NOT to solve the problem for you and thus building a dependence on him. But, rather, guides you as the leader to make the decision that’s always been inside of you. A passionate asset to every team he’s been a part of and a fun, challenging, & inspiring leader who will take your organization towards its desired goals.

Greg BaschPastor - Elevation Church

Swebb is exactly the kind of disruptive thinker, coach and leader that the Church world desperately needs more of. I think he was born with an allergy to cliche and convention. He’s always been an enemy of the status quo, and his track record speaks loud and clear, both in terms of tangible ministry results AND in terms of the people he has developed. I’m one of a long list of people who can say that I wouldn’t be who I am as a leader without his belief, guidance and willingness to walk with me over the years. He’s the best I have ever known at identifying talent and potential in people and in organizations long before others see it. His ability to cut through the noise and fluff of ministry to hone in on what truly matters most, and then maximize it, has been a game-changer for us for nearly a decade.

Allen KendrickLead Pastor - Vivid Church

Stephen has the ability to cut through all of the perceived cultural issues surrounding a team and hit the bedrock of the actual issue within minutes. It’s a super power. He did this with our team in every meeting we had. He asked challenging and insightful questions that helped our team see all of the possibilities that are within reach, that we thought were far away. Almost instantly things felt achievable that once felt impossible.

Chris DuncanLead Pastor - IC Medan

Stephen has been a huge help to me, my church, and my church staff. Most recently was during the Covid Pandemic when church services here in Indonesia were forced to move online. After a few months we just felt stuck. We needed new ideas, a creative spark, and a look from the outside to help us see our blind spots and give the church a breath of fresh air. Swebb brought all of that. He coached me and my wife, did trainings with our staff, and one on ones with each staff member. One of the skills Swebb has is to inspire. He gets you thinking in new ways and seeing from different angles. He is like a leadership and systems lock-pick. It’s like he is somehow able to unlock a part of your brain that’s there but you didn’t have access to. Because of his help our staff and church made a turn mid-pandemic and have continued to be able to lead a growing, healthy church and continue to actively make a difference in our city.

Louie VitelaExecutive Pastor - NewLife Church

When I met Swebb over the course of a 2 hour meal, he gave me fast-talking wisdom on church growth, brutally honest observations on developing others, and even offered comical travel and hotel tips. (Like never forgetting to take the shampoos, coffee cups and toilet paper … after all, you pay for all of those amenities. Ha!)  To this day, Swebb is the first person I turn towards and trust when I need candor and a fresh perspective.

We flew him across the country to our church for a weekend consultation. That weekend proved to be a game changer and, as a result, our focus was sharper, our systems were clearer, and our volunteer base more than doubled within a year.

Swebb has taught me so much about leadership, more than any book or conference ever could. His example of how he leads from the top, the middle, the bottom, how he leads his family, and how he leads himself, how he invests in top-dogs and under-dogs alike, and is genuinely grateful to do it, is rarer than it should be. Everyone needs Swebb in their life. Reach out to him; it might be the difference maker in your leadership and organization you’ve been searching for!

Kyle HeineckeDirector of Campus Pastors - Fresh Life Church

I have had the honor of partnering with Swebb in ministry for many years. I have come to rely on his experience, confidence, and way of thinking in many different ministry situations I’ve been involved in. I have found that Swebb’s ability to “cut to the chase” without coming into a situation out of lock-step with the leadership is a quality I find rare and quite refreshing. Swebb has helped my church face challenges with a fresh perspective and a history of successful leadership to back up his recommendations. If you are a person who wants to grow as a leader, as a thinker, a doer, and someone who can bring others along in the journey—I would highly highly recommend Swebb’s services. He has radically changed my way of thinking and contributed to a great deal of success in my field, I couldn’t be more happy to work with him.

Andrew DanielExecutive Pastor - Focal Point Church

Stephen Webb came in to help us create and launch an online Campus. What we felt we got was so much more than that. He made himself available to talk about leadership, talk through overall structure and culture questions and figure out various obstacles. He is always available whether for a meeting, teaching, training or a simple voice memo. He definitely brought a paradigm shift to our organization.

Simon HolstLead Pastor - @skovdepingst

With a long track record of paying attention to the potential in each person he crosses paths with, Stephen Webb embodies the value “belief in people”. Without asking for a persons present title, influence, or reach, he always creates space. If you want someone to scratch your back Swebb is not your guy. But if you want someone to dissect your current challenges to bring clarity and sometimes painful insights that drives progress, I wouldn’t look any further!

Vernon Gordon IIILead Pastor - The Life Church

Swebb has been a catalyst to our team and organization reaching new potential. His insight and even more, his unwavering honesty, brought out the necessary conversations that lead to fruitful change. While what Swebb shared was great, what he left was all the more valuable, a passion and perspective for excellence that stayed long after his presence. In short, Swebb is a genius…find out for yourself!

Nathan BlackwellSenior Pastor - Cornerstone Family Church

When we began our relationship with Swebb, our church was plateaued and we were in need of a professional ministry makeover. We thought we were bringing in a typical consultant. What we got was a highly motivated personal coach who actually cared about our staff and our church. Swebb quickly and graciously helped us to honestly evaluate the health of our church. He personally worked with our staff and key ministry teams to develop effective strategies that has breathed new life and energy into our work. He repeatedly went the second mile to challenge us to rethink our mission and purpose—and to passionately take ownership of who we are and what God has called us to do. Stephen Webb has been a much needed difference maker for me and our leadership team.