With all of the new ideas you get from every blog (this one too), magazine, and hindsight expert, often you can get in a hurry to see the effects of the cause.

I get it. 

But you have to learn to let the strategy play at the strategy’s pace.

The speed at which you see in hindsight isn’t the speed the borrowed insight will impact your teams. 

You have to commit to the change and let it work. Don’t get in a hurry to get what you can’t control.

I just say this as a reminder though since I know you know this.

Another way to think about it … 
The Church didn’t really grow in the 3 years Jesus ministered on the planet.
But it exploded in the 3 years after He left the planet.”

Do what you’re supposed to do.
Make good decisions and execute.

Then let it work … even if you’re not around when the fruit comes.