Who’s on your team that’s falling behind?

Your ability to see and respond to that contributes to a healthy team. 
Sounds intuitive, I know, but we miss it all the time, don’t we?

  • Who’s negative?
  • Who’s spouse isn’t as involved as they could be?
  • Who’s dropping balls now that didn’t before?
  • Who’s physically tired all of the time?
  • Who’s gained 20 pounds recently?

Look for changes in a person’s life. Then address them as someone who cares for the person over the position. 
This means you take off the boss hat or the strategy hat.

It means you listen more than you talk.

It means to leverage the heavy machinery of your church to raise them up.

Being left behind isn’t about performance. That’s just the last symptom you see before the implosion. 

Be on the lookout and fuel them up.