“If it’s a big deal to you then it’s not a big deal to me.
If it’s not a big deal to you then it’s a very big deal to me.”

Pastor Steven Furtick taught this years ago and it provided great clarity about ownership.

When you make a mistake, the concern isn’t really the mistake itself but your reaction to the mistake. 
If you gloss over it or simply laugh it off as something that doesn’t matter, that is what makes your leader worried about the future of the organization (and definitely your future in the organization). 

But if you take mistakes seriously – you own it, fix it, re-test it, put your name on it, and move forward – then your leader can very clearly see that and operate more hands-off with you. And that makes your team, staff, or church move further faster.

So … 
Leaders, coach this. 
Subordinates, see your mistakes (and those of others) as a big deal so your leaders know they can move on to something bigger that only they can handle. But if they’re doing your job then it’s easier to remove you from your job.