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"What does it cost?

First, it’s an investment, not a cost.

Building a church that grows year over year (giving included) isn’t a liability but an investment. It’s something to steward and will literally pay for itself and multiply if done well.

Second, you know I’m not supposed to tell you this up front. 

I’m supposed to drag this out, promote a book, podcast, and cohort with popups and emails. Then I’m supposed to blast you with a $15,000 fee to get unstuck in a 2-day meeting. Or help you focus at a $6,000 roundtable where I tell you how to lead a volunteer huddle. I’m a fan of capitalism so I’m happy for others to charge that to build a business.

For me, I build leaders who build teams who build the Church with this structure and flow:

Investment Details

EXECUTIVE COACH – $400-4000/mo

  • Pricing and deliverables are custom to the situation of the church, leader, season, and more.
  • 3 month minimum contract, some have done as long as 12 at their request.
  • I’m essentially on your staff.
  • You are investing in insights, connections, and priority.
  • Many contracts include a monthly visit (2 day, 1 night)
  • Variety of call or meeting options each week … including with your team.
  • All get unlimited text/email (I’ve built campuses over text, ask me about it).
  • Best for using me as an executive staff member for a season; coaching your team or building a project (ex. multisite, internship, CP development); breaking and rebuilding your paradigms.


  • Up to a 3 day, 2-night visit to assess, coach, train, evaluate, and/or disrupt stale patterns and culture
  • Expenses included (within USA).

I’ve done this from Dallas to Sydney to Orlando over 250 times. From 30,000+ member churches to church plants. I don’t have a formula to give, rather perspective, encouragement, and coaching. Many even have me do this during the week, not just a Sunday visit. Sunday is a show, mid-week is the stuff that matters and the stuff we can work.

Time well spent and focused priorities are the main things for me. So this retainer allows for smaller budgets to grab the same information … when I have availability.

P.S. 15% off USD prices when paying with BTC (but must inform me of this prior to contract).

BUT LISTEN … God’s been good (always) and I’m put here on the planet to help build leaders who build the Church. Tell me what you can pay and I’ll try to work something out. I can’t always do this but don’t stop short of asking.

I know you have more questions. That’s ok. Click that button and get on my calendar. Select the FREE “Let’s Talk” option and tell me how I can serve you and your team.

What's the difference between a coach and consultant?

Great question!

Coaches work with you and work on you. They intentionally add pressure for the purpose of preparation. The best one are still in the system, are still practitioners, and are only successful if they make you successful. So coaches are rare.

Consultants are outside eyes with stories and cheat codes. Most no longer practice their craft (pastor, worship leader, etc…). They’re wildly helpful if you have the discipline the mine for relevant insights and the wisdom to dismiss what’s not applicable in your context. A consultant’s success is not dependent on yours.

Coaches can consult. Consultants can coach. But they’re not automatically the same thing. Know what you want and set expectations accordingly.

How do we pay?

I’ll send a contract after we discuss the plan. You agree and sign then I’ll send an invoice prior to each contracted month or consult visit. You’ll pay via check prior to arrival or start of contracted month.

You can also pay with CC for a fee.

And it’s 2022 now, I accept Bitcoin for 20% OFF USD prices.

What do we do when you visit?

Short answer – whatever you want.

Long answer – We work but we don’t overwhelm. I want to know you, your family, the team, the church, the city, and more. But there’s a way to hit the highlights efficiently. I generally like to avoid 8 hours in an office (you haven’t made that awesome yet either, have you?) So we’ll change scenery a few times and discuss a variety of topics. We don’t aim to solve things on the first visit, we instigate change and begin to build better. So expectations will be a big part of our talks.

I also limit the time we work. I’ve done the 7am to 9pm days and, frankly, won’t do that. But you’ll get value and insight and I’ll make your brain hurt and offend your preferences at some point. 🙂 That’s one of the goals.

So a few sample ideas:

A meal with a team or leader. A tour of the city with a few top leaders/givers. A meeting with a department or department heads. Some one-on-one time with the senior/executive leader(s) about specific topics like finance, overall strategy, staffing, etc….

Call me, we’ll work it out. You’ll grow. We’ll all win.

Are you just gonna tell me how to be Elevation?


Elevation has A way of doing church, not THE way. I said this while on staff there for a decade. And the staff at Elevation would say that now too. So my goal isn’t to make you Elevation. You can’t be and that’s a dumb goal. I think Elevation’s pace and size should now be considered the new baseline expectation, not an anomaly to wish for. And of the 11 campuses I directly oversaw I can tell you I built all of those differently although the end result may appear the same to an outsider such as yourself.

I want to help you build YOUR church. And have a gift to leverage YOUR talents and resources to do so.

Do you have small church experience?

Yep. A wannabe-church-planter in Colorado. Executive Pastor at a church of 300. Church plant coach and consultant for 15+ years.

“Small church” is a season, not an identify. And “small” is relative anyway.

The bigger problem I like to work on is answering why you think “small church” requires different principles than “big church.” And also helping you see that qualifying size is a hinderance, not just a simple awareness of resource.

Do you preach?

Technically, yes.

But it’s not my sweet spot. I’m happy to connect you to some world class preachers who are more equipped and gifted to push your church forward in that way. Just ask me and give me some details about what you’re thinking.

Coaches aren’t all preachers. And most certain not all preachers are coaches. Remember that when you drop that huge honorarium on a guy for a single sermon and then the church doesn’t explode overnight … if ever.

Who else would you recommend I call?

Yep, I’ll actually answer that.

Plenty of coaches and consultants out there. Many good ones.

Not all are created equal and not all have the same goals.

Most want to build a coaching business. I don’t. I want to coach leaders and build the Church. My goal is not to put 20 people in a room and tell them all the same thing for a one-time fee larger than my monthly fee. Mostly because development never happens in mass, only information and sporadic inspiration.

Also because I’m honestly cynical about that style since I used to be over people at Elevation who quit after 2 years of mediocre performance and now claim they built things they didn’t. It’s cute. And sad. And wildly expensive for what I can literally tell you in a text.

So my point … it’s up to YOU to mine for insight. Information is on Google. Hype is on Instagram. Unicorn hunting is what you do if you try to adjust your style to Furtick, Todd, Floyd, Hodges, and anyone else. They’re all great people!! But they’re not you. So whoever you call, at any price point, in any city, at any conference, MINE for insights and beg for challenges to your preferences.

“Swebb, did you just rant and blog in an FAQ?” Yes, move on. 🙂

Questions to consider when hiring a coach or consultant.

Questions I’d consider:

  • “What have they BUILT?” not “Where did they work?” Plenty worked at Elevation, for example, and can’t tell you a thing about how to build it.
  • “Are they promising results to me or expecting results from me?” If they’re promising you results, they’re wrong. They’re not the boss, they don’t tithe there, they don’t have equity with your teams, and don’t live in your city. Results are 100% on your implementation of wisdom, not on them telling it.
  • “Do I want to be coached or do I want to be told?” Both are ok but you need to decide which so you can set expectations. It’s easier for someone to tell you what to do but that won’t work and all you’ll have 3 months later is an excuse like “I tried that.” Coaching is what you want and coaching isn’t comfortable … on purpose.