“A decision everyone can be pleased with” actually means “A decision that has a more manageable level of quiet compliance.”

Maybe it’s necessary in moderation but it’s nothing to boast about. The better you get at this the more likely you should run for office instead of leading people to do hard things of purpose and discipline.

Decisions aren’t always divisive but sometimes they have to be to improve the culture and actually move forward.
Steven Furtick taught me one time that “to lead like Jesus you have to be willing to make unreasonable requests.” I can’t agree more with this. It’s true. Making his guys feed the 5000, asking someone to sell all he has to follow him, expected a paralytic to walk, asking a sick man if he wants to get well, and more. He wasn’t the poster child for political correctness.

I’m for making decisions that move us forward, even if it costs more, and aiming for less and less decisions that “everyone can be pleased with.”