I keep an Evernote or two of one-liners. Just things to spur creativity or challenge me.
I thought I’d share a few post-able statements with you. 
Post them, follow the authors, thank the authors. 
Use them in sermons.
Use them to be a catalyst in someone’s life.
Just don’t read them and leave them.

– “Everyone wants the strength the oxen brings but no one wants to shovel the [stuff] they bring.” (Proverbs 14:4)
– “Dirt represents humanity in the Bible. Water represents His Spirit in the Bible. When your life feels dirty, just add water.”
– “What the world calls failure, God calls fertilizer.”
All from Pastor Steven Furtick from the “Miracle In The Mud” sermon October 27, 2013. Based in John 9.

– “You don’t fluke good culture, you ‘be’ good culture.”
– “If there’s something sad to tell, you won’t hear it first from me.”
– “Don’t build your church on ‘Do I have to’ people.”
All from Brian Houston teaching us in a Staff Rally October 24, 2013

– “Christmas happened so Easter can happen.”
– “Hurting with hope still hurts.”
– “Even when they go to heaven it still hurts like hell.”
– “We need to model a caffeinated commitment to this church.”
All from Levi Lusko in his “Turn Off The Dark” sermon at Elevation October 20, 2013.