If the heart is right, the task doesn’t matter.

Speaking of the leaders on your teams:

  • If their heart is right they’ll defend you and the vision publicly and passionately. 
  • If the heart is right they’ll be early.
  • If the heart is right they’ll take notes.
  • If the heart is right they’ll exercise on Monday what you preach on Sunday.

A healthy heart – a right mindset that the mission matters over personal preference – allows for incredibly flexible hands. There will always be a things to accomplish and a healthy heart on mission can be nimble to move between tasks.

And if your heart is right you’ll have hard conversations, set an example of excellence in all things, and never complain about the role you have as the leader.

Investigating the heart is not the same as accusing the heart. It’s worth the look. And it will increase efficiency because it will increase the desire to be effective.