I saw this tree at one of the most famous places on earth. EPCOT at Disney World. At one of the most traveled walkways. Passed by tens of thousands. I’m sure it was photographed countless times. And inspired awe, wonder, and even cynicism.

This tree is 2 feet tall. It’s been “trained” for 30 years. That’s 3/4 of its life. Someone – or some people – have devoted uncommon, exceptional energy and focus to “train” this tree. A freaking tree. That I’m photographing. And posting about.

How much exceptional energy and focus are you devoting to developing leaders?

You’re frustrated you can’t “find” leaders in 6 weeks after 3 meetings?! You mean Growth Track isn’t solving your problems? ? Not even that one book you suggested people read? With that mindset you I couldn’t even train a bush and stick it on a sidewalk at a theme park.

Come on, Jesus wandered the countryside with his guys for 3 years. It’s gonna take a bit more than a book or a class or some “vision night.”

Purpose. Focus. Effort. Consistency. Discipline. Patience. And the linchpin ingredient of faith … remembering only God makes things grow.
Try that. And find joy in the fact you have someone to train. See that – the training – as the point rather than the fruit you hope they bring you when you’re done.

You never know where they’ll end up. Just contribute exceptional effort equal to the expectation you have for their outcome.