You’re an expert on evaluating costs. You can read the label, respond to hesitation, and think of 5 other options instantly. 

But it’s time to become an expert on perceiving value.

It may cost $100,000 to get that venue. 
But it also may cost 200% growth if you don’t get that venue. Which may cost $400,000 in potential income. Which may cost 10x the impact of your current reach. 

Everything costs something. 
Even when it doesn’t cost money. 

  • Cost says “This here….”
    • Value says “That there….”
  • Cost saysThis is all you have.”
    • Value saysThat is what it could be.”
  • Cost saysThis is what it is.” 
    • Value saysThat is what it will be.”
  • Cost saysThis is your limit.
    • Value saysThat is your launching point.”

You’re valuable!

Go find more of it!