My pastor came up with an idea I’d never heard of or considered.

A podcast.

Yeah, yeah, you know about podcasts. But this one is solely for insiders. For the volunteer team.

Every month he and I pull up a chair, lean into the mic, and talk about some insider stuff. Things like: why we say what we say; defining expectations; how we think; and most importantly, doing it all from “the horse’s mouth.”

A lot of what leaders expect of their team is assumed and, so they think, implied. But far less is actually picked up than the leaders think. And mainly, in my opinion, because so much is lost in flat, written text. I’m a decent writer (I think so, at least) and annoyed, but not surprised, at how many people still project tone into my text that I didn’t intend. And I’m annoyed, but not surprised, how many people skim a text instead of read a text.

So this insider podcast – a culture drip, if you will – isn’t meant to replace written text like emails, texts, letters, etc…. It’s a supplement, another medium to get information to the catalysts.

Consider it. It’s fun to do. And even if viewership or listenership is low, no one can say you didn’t keep the vision and culture dripping to compensate for the leak.