CLIENT HIGHLIGHT – Highpoint Church

Pastor Caleb and his team at Highpoint Church have become friends. They have a good church in an ever-growing, ever-relevant area of Denver, Colorado and it’s been fun to visit a few times and cheer them on.

Pastor Caleb was tapped as the Lead Pastor decades into the church’s history so he’s inherited most of what he’s working with and that’s not always as easy or as beneficial as it seems. I spend a lot of time talking to 2nd and 3rd generation leaders who are transitioning into something they didn’t start. But Caleb is as nimble yet strong, as teachable yet driven, and as wise yet eager as I’ve ever known. He’s got a great church I’d take my family to if I lived there.

We worked on a variety of things over 4 months but overall the goal was to provide general coaching, encouragement, and perspective for Caleb as he renovates staff, culture, mindset, and systems of an established yet plateaued church. We also talked through some staff restructuring and made a real solid hire, one that can be a game changer.

We also implemented some staff initiative pitches to foster ownership. We processed together through a year-long timeline for implementing other structure shifts. We critiqued the overall messaging and branding. And much more!

A few highlights:

Caleb has done phenomenal work to build bridges and move the teams forward. He garners tremendous respect even when he’s younger than half the attendees. When he speaks, people listen. And I’m not sure I’ve seen someone better at hard or necessary conversations. He’s a surgeon when it comes to stepping into and resolving conflict. All that to say, working with Caleb means I had plenty to work with to help in other areas of church.

Their building is an excellent tool for connection but was underutilized. It had furniture, technology, and the general layout all setup to suck energy from the space. Simply reworking the space to increase friction and actually limit open space directly increases energy. And doing that directly increases excitement and expectation. I know it sounds simple … that’s because it is. It should be.

We moved the main connection area to the middle of the room, we trashed some bad furniture that said “we don’t actually value excellence,” and we spread the furniture out in a way that got in the way of efficient movement. Because efficient movement isn’t the goal, connection is!

Overnight the people were expressing how they thought “we’re growing” and “man, there’s so many people here.”

This isn’t manipulation, it’s stewardship. Don’t suck energy from the room.

Then my favorite texts roll in. They were up and down between 500-700 when we connected. Then I got this text!

Call me. 10-30% growth in 3 months is not just possible, it’s expected.  

If you have friends in the Denver area (south Denver, Aurora actually), send them over.

I’m honored to call Caleb and Morgan friends. And am eager to serve and cheer them on for a long time to come!