I’ve been told a time or 2(thousand) that many of my successes are lucky or have some built-in excuse as to why they happened in spite of me. I was told stirring up faith and launching new campuses is easy. Or that finding multiple unworthy-to-hire underdogs and helping them develop into linchpins was luck. I’m sure you’ve been told the same about your winning goal, a good investment, or a phenomenal leader you hired. 

I don’t buy it though. 

I pick well. I read people well. And I build well.
And it ain’t luck as much as hustle.

And hustle isn’t running around in circles looking busy and saying big words. That’s the version the “I’m Instagram-famous” kind of people use. #Grind ?

I think hustle is pushing through ignorance, assumptions, and indecision. And pushing past chronic excusers of the success of others.
It’s running the ball for 2 yards. Then 2 more. Then 2 more. Then for 70 yards on 4th and 4. 
It’s doing what you said you’d do, what you believe you can do, and actually can do.

Decide to win. Decide to fight. Decide to succeed. Decide to fight for better!

And what may appear lucky to some is no accident to you.