How long can you go in a meeting without saying “mission,” “calling,” and “vision?”

These are some of the topics that encompass hours of strategy and detail but we just cram into a single word and cross our fingers in hopes that the mere mention of them moves mountains.

It’s funny because the more you have to say these words the less likely you are to actually leverage these.

If you have to keep reminding people “It’s a calling.” then it’s a solid bet it’s not their calling. Or maybe not yours to lead them. If you have to keep saying “vision” it’s a good bet you’re not good at actually painting the picture of where you’re leading.

Work on synonyms to start. Then move up to finding better metaphors. Add more adjectives to your vocabulary. Mine for and collect anecdotes that reinforce your intentions. And even consider blacklisting these (among other) buzz words that typically remain hollow and weaponized.