Building leaders who build teams who build the Church

Coaching for leaders, pastors and executive staff who are hungry to exceed their limitations and are ready for the next milestone.

Bolder Thinking
Higher Standards
Better Goals

A dynamic team requires decisive and intentionally developed leadership.

Underdeveloped leadership and outdated thinking halt the exponential growth a church or team could experience. An exceptional leader should be nurtured and developed to have an intimate relationship with God, their family, and their team—in that order.

A Personal Trainer For Your Thinking


Let’s get in the same room for a day or two and do some heavy lifting. Mapping momentum, designing expansion, or evaluating the team. These workshops are a bite-sized boosts to your mission and fit any budget.

Remote Executive

Put me on your team for a fraction of the cost of a full time staff member but with the experience and insights of a 20-year ministry veteran. Most clients have chosen 3-6 month contracts to provide a needed influx of perspective and practical application. I’ll even help build/hire my replacement.

One-on-One Coach

Thinking muscles need a personal trainer too. Good teams need good leaders, and a good leader knows how to think strategically. Executive leaders on 5 continents have found it helpful to leverage my unique perspective to make them better so they can make their teams better.

A 6th round pick can build a thriving church

A 6th round pick won 7 Super Bowl rings. And low picks can build thriving churches too. I know what it’s like to be overlooked and feel underdeveloped. I’ve spent the last 20+ years developing leaders across 5 continents, showing them the true potential they have which shows the church the potential it has for growth. 

How it Works

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1. Schedule a Call

We’ll spend some time learning more about you, your situation, your needs, the areas that need attention. And we’ll start working on that call, not wait until we finalize a contract. Let’s get better now

take inventory

2. Take Inventory

The inventory process is both for me and for you. We’ll look through numbers, processes, and most importantly help you look deeper into your culture, team, and/or personal patterns to see what needs attention first. 

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3. Develop a Plan

I’ll present a plan for how we can work best together. From there, we’ll get started relatively quickly and, if possible, do so on your turf. I coach clients online worldwide but if we get the chance to be in the same room, that’s a huge benefit to you.

win at what matters

4. Win at What Matters

It doesn’t take long to see the results from focused training and healthy leadership. You’ll notice your voice is gaining confidence, your mind is on a mission, and that your measureables are consistently moving in the right direction as a result.

Normalizing the exceptional is what I do best.

We love the exceptional stories. Massive ministries growing in months to levels that takes others decades, if ever. But I don’t think those should stay exceptional. I think those should be the new baseline. Why not?! Our “industry” of Church building and leader building shouldn’t be a competitive or comparative environment but a collaborative endeavor. Not every ministry will be 20,000. But every can be.

Hold up … I’m not suggesting or trying to make every church an Elevation or Gateway or even a parachurch juggernaut. That’s unhealthy comparison and copying. 

I teach and encourage transferable principles and provide some “cheat codes” that save time and resources while enabling the unique gifts of leaders to shine and contribute to a new “exceptional” outcome. 

You want to develop leaders who maximize their potential, activate a growth mindset, and create a culture that’s easily multiplied and I want to serve you to help you do more of that. 

I know what it’s like to be overlooked and underdeveloped which is why I’ve dedicated my life to building leaders who build teams who build The Church in ways you might not have thought.

You can be a great pastor and still struggle with developing people. Let’s change that.

And in the meantime join me on Instagram so we can keep this conversation going. I’ll help you discover another way to think about your mission, your team, and your potential.