Building leaders who build the Church

Coaching for pastors and executive staff who are hungry to exceed their limitations and are ready for the next milestone.

Bolder Thinking
Higher Standards
Better Goals

A dynamic church requires decisive and intentionally developed leadership.

Underdeveloped leadership and outdated thinking halt the exponential growth a church could experience. An exceptional leader should be nurtured and developed to have an intimate relationship with God, their family, and their team—in that order.

Growth is a Product of Your Decisions

Church Growth

Moving the needle in the right direction will be a result of better developed leadership. You could see an increase in all areas of ministry.

Staff Health

A supportive staff environment keeps people around. Not only does this help with personnel and budget, it creates a place where people love playing their part.

Strategic Thinking

You’re not a 1995 pastor, so there’s no need to think like one. Good teams need good leaders, and a good leader knows how to think strategically.

4 Overlooked Qualities Every Church Needs


Keeping your blinders on is essential in the Church world. Pay too much attention to others and your team loses momentum because they lost focus on what’s for them in front of them.



Drive and willpower need to go hand in hand just like grind and hustle. It’s one thing to work hard at specific tasks, it’s another to complete a mission. Finish more!



This is an outward expression of your church when you build on gratitude and foster a spirit of honor from the inside out, top to bottom.  

coming together conviction


This is the belief that drives the commitment forward. Growth begs for a deep level of a “we’re going to do it anyway” kind of mindset. 

Another Way to Think About:


I saw this tree at one of the most famous places on earth. EPCOT at Disney World. At one of the most traveled walkways. Passed by tens of thousands. I’m sure it was photographed countless times. And inspired awe, wonder, and even cynicism. This tree is 2 feet tall. It’s been “trained” for 30 years.


I spend plenty of time looking at graphs. I love the immediate feedback of good or bad, up or down. I love the instant opportunity to ask “why is there a dip there?” Or “What happened to show a peak in that spot?” These questions can unlock stories and stats that can be replicated or


“A decision everyone can be pleased with” actually means “A decision that has a more manageable level of quiet compliance.” Maybe it’s necessary in moderation but it’s nothing to boast about. The better you get at this the more likely you should run for office instead of leading people to do hard things of purpose

A 6th round pick can build a thriving church

A 6th round pick won 7 Super Bowl rings. And low picks can build thriving churches too. I know what it’s like to be overlooked and feel underdeveloped. I’ve spent the last 20+ years developing leaders across 5 continents, showing them the true potential they have which shows the church the potential it has for growth. 

How it Works

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1. Schedule a Call

We’ll spend some time on the phone learning more about your church, your needs, the areas that need attention and start our process.

take inventory

2. Take Inventory

The inventory process is both for me and for you. We’ll look through numbers, budgets, processes, and most importantly help you look deeper into your staff and culture to see what needs attention first.

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3. Develop a Plan

I’ll present a plan for how we can work best together. From there, I’ll visit your church, talk through final details, and we’ll start to change the game.

win at what matters

4. Win at What Matters

It doesn’t take long to see the results of healthy leadership. You’ll notice that your team is clicking, your mind is on a mission, and that your numbers are consistently moving in the right direction as a result.

Normalizing the exceptional and eliminating busyness is what I do best.

Underdeveloped leaders leave their staff wanting more and their ministry plateaued. I develop leaders who maximize their potential, activate a growth mindset, and create a culture that’s easily multiplied.

I believe conviction should give the courage and fire to pursue growth and build a great team. I know what it’s like to be overlooked and underdeveloped which is why I’ve dedicated my life to building leaders who build teams who build The Church in ways you might not have thought.

You can be a great pastor and still struggle with developing people, and it’s time to change that. Let’s talk.

And in the meantime join me on Instagram so we can keep this conversation going. I’ll help you discover another way to think about your mission, your team, and your potential.

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